Code of Conduct

Bit Bridge strives to be an inclusive organization. We want everyone who participates in our events or activities, whether they be physically present or online, to feel welcome and safe.

Anyone who participates in Bit Bridge events, activities, chat rooms, or social media is subject to the Code of Conduct. This includes any and all members, organizers, visitors, sponsors, volunteers, and guests. By participating in Bit Bridge activities, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.


Respect Other People

Everyone is welcome at Bit Bridge events regardless of gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, age, nationality, religion, appearance, or experience in games.


  • Be thoughtful: Welcome new people to the group. When giving feedback, be constructive. When discussing games, be thoughtful about what you say. The games industry is small and it has a long memory.
  • Ask questions: If you want to learn about something, ask questions.
  • Respect boundaries: If someone has indicated that they don’t want to do something (e.g. talk, hang out, play a particular game, work on a project with you), respect their decision. “No” means no.
  • Look for consent: When in doubt about whether something is okay, ask. Look for enthusiastic consent. If someone is silent or otherwise does not protest, assume they mean “no”. If someone tells you no or otherwise does not provide consent, drop it.

Harassment Policy:

We will not tolerate harassment of any kind. Harassment is defined by the victim and includes but it not limited to:

  • Telling offensive jokes
  • Sexually explicit or derogatory language
  • Unwanted sexual advances, either verbal or physical
  • Physical violence, including threats
  • Touch other people or their property without express permission or consent
  • Verbally abuse people, whether or not they are present


Respect Our Space

When we hold in-person events, we are guests in these spaces. As such:


  • Be respectful of staff, employees, volunteers, other guests, and other patrons
  • Keep your space neat and tidy
  • Maintain respectful noise volumes


  • Leave a mess
  • Vandalize the space or its property
  • Harass members or other people present in the space


Responding to Violations


If you see anyone violating our Code of Conduct or are being harassed, you can:

  • Report it to one of the organizers (Marlena Abraham, Mike Lee, Dan Lin, Doyle Daigle, Michael Thomas)
  • Fill out the Violation Reporting Form (This can be anonymous)


In response to violations of the Code of Conduct, Organizers may, at their discretion:

  • Issue a verbal or written warning to the offending person
  • Eject the offending person from the current event
  • Ban the offending person from future Bit Bridge activities and/or social media groups
  • If necessary, contact the authorities