What’s Bit Bridge?

Bit Bridge is a group for indie game developers in the Pittsburgh area. Whether you’re a full-time game dev, a moonlighter, a student, or just want to know what developing video games is all about, drop by one of our events or join us on our Discord Channel. We’d love to hear from you!




R-COIL is an old-fashioned multidirectional shooter with a unique single button control scheme. Learn more about R-COIL


The world is covered in purple mist, the legacy of some cataclysm long past. Throughout the continent are several powerful city-states, built where the mist is thin enough that they are not constantly besieged by the horrors that lurk in the wilderness… Learn more about Aeronauts


Jump. Crouch. Reflect. Jump. Crouch. Reflect. Jump. Crouch. Reflect. Jump. Crouch. Reflect. Jump. Crouch. Reflect. Jump. Crouch. Reflect. Jump. Crouch. Reflect. Learn more about Outdodge


You are some kind of an electric ghost cat entity traveling on the wires and activating signal broadcasters. Traverse the spaces and send yourself home. Learn more about Vitality

Too Close

A new reaction/twitch mobile game. Coming 2018. Too Close is a game by Ludoko Studios.

A Tofu Tail

A fairy tale of a man turned to tofu by a deceptive fox spirit, the Kitsune! Help Mr. Tofu search the surreal, puzzle realms of the foxes for a way to break his curse! Learn more about A Tofu Tail


IMMURE is a 2.5D story-driven, psychological horror game. Will, the main character, has found himself trapped inside a foreboding Mansion with no exit. Learn more about Immure

Battle High 2 A+

Battle High 2 A+ is a fast-paced 2D fighting game about element-wielding students (and 1 insidious faculty member) battling against one another to discover the secret behind a mysterious illness stripping students of their powers.  (more…)


If you want to:

  • Learn more about Bit Bridge
  • See what people are working on
  • Come to one of our events
  • Get feedback on your game
  • Get advice from industry professionals
  • Show your game at a convention
  • Find teammates


The Pittsburgh game scene’s got a lot going on. Here are a few links to other groups and organizations that make and play games.